Doing things by halves is never an option when it comes to Music” - Dissector Selector

Born in Paddington and spending the early years of her life with NW London as her home Kae-C was nurtured by 2 musically minded parents one being a Sound man and the other becoming a radio DJ.
Kae-C grew up with a vast knowledge of music and although predominately reggae in her earlier years she soon became exposed to other genres when acquiring her first Aiwa stereo, discovering a place called Radio Land which lead to her first experience of a different kind of Dissecting by way of repairing well used cassette tapes with a slither of tape and some precision cutting.

Dissector became a Selector on Jamrock Radio in 2014 starting of with a segment called Sample Example closing a talk show hosted by her DJ mother and co-host sister, the response from the listeners was such that Kae-C was offered her own radio slot and so The Sample Example Show was born.
What followed was a growth in listeners and submissions from artists requesting their new music to be featured, as Dissector's show was sample based for the first hour she found ways to support these artists in the second hour but it just didn't seem to be enough as her approach to promotion was very thorough; As an artist, if you wanted your song played from start to finish with all your social media links provided and accompanying Tweets when your song was being played then she was the lady to link, this took time and more preparation possible for just 1 hour so having reached out to management for an additional slot Kae-C made the move to SFDC Radio where The Support4Support promo segment became a show, Dissector was was now On Air 2 days a week dedicating 2 hours to each of her babies.

Kae-C's presenting style and passion for what she did lead to international offers from Islandah Radio and sister stations Soufere Hills Radio & Energy Radio 1 leading to an even wider audience and growth in Soundcloud followers listening and downloading shows at their leisure due to time zone differences, these shows began popping up on other sites and were even mimiced which Kae-C viewed as flattery but following the untimely death of the radio station manager she found it difficult to continue without his effortless support and encouragement so the headphones were hung up but the show did go on.

Dissector's recording were picked up by her cousin who began airing them regularly on Rotation Radio and with the shove she needed found herself back on air by way of pre-recording shows due to her change of lifestyle, Kae-C was back doing what she loved but without the Studio atmosphere to loose herself in and now working full time she was forced to hang the headphones up again as "doing things by halves is never an option when it comes to Music".

In 2018 Kae-C began analysing her longstanding resolution, to do 1 thing every month that she had never done before; When embarking on her mission a couple of years prior, Music Production was at the top of the list but hadn't happened to date.
In June 2020 the unthinkable happened, just a few days before the memorial of her son Kae-C was called with the news of her beloved grandmother passing; A woman who has been a rock to her and the Oracle of the family was no more and so as not to fall into a dark place Kae-C clung to music substituting her weekends by 'Mum' with speaker boxes and heavy baselines standing with her eyes closed, imaging what 'Mum' would be saying... "But Lord Jesus! You don't see you're going to damage your ears child? What you want to do? Deaf?

 2021 saw Dissector in a slightly more sociable light as she began interacting with pre-Lockdown musical contacts;Having had Maroon 5 - Memories sung to her by a 7 year old pupil she was supporting at the time and it reducing her to tears she approached Ash-I Walker with some Ideas and within weeks had the foundation for her first production caressed by Sam West on violins, formulated and arranged during an 11 hour session with Yootie B and cover song voiced as promised at Stingray studio, West London. This was a production of literal sweat and tears (no blood that I know of) and was in remembrance of Natasha Gayle and so The Memory Salute Riddim was born.

Having accomplished her goal and carrying her new Producer title with pride Kae-C developed a more indepth love for the riddim sharing it with a few selected artists with the idea of a remix, what followed was a different kind of interest in the form of a dub plate by Jamaican artist Kandi Man. With new ears and new ideas Kae-C reopened the project and having had an in depth and highly relatable conversation with Birmingham based artist Tenna Star, was presented with 'Carry On' in the same week her uncle and closest feeling to her grandmother had passed; The Memory Salute Riddim echoed in church the morning of his funeral also being the date chosen for the recording to be released. 14th February 2022.

Sharing her musical emotions several months later Kae-C was met with an inquiry about the production, when advising the production was hers she was met with a response of 'sister Kae! I didn't know you produce, this is really nice' and so the big question was popped and Tony Mahoney of The Blackstones said 'I will'. Kae-C waited patiently for Tony to finish up existing projects and 3 months later, when things began to look up, 'Gradually' was delivered to her inbox.

'No berevement?' I hear you say...

Tony Mahoney - Gradually is a beautifully crafted song that speaks of hard times getting better and loads becoming lighter, this 3 installment on the Memory Salute Riddim was released on the day Kae-C paid her respects to a dear friend, mentor, supporter, dancing partner and genuinely good soul Gerry 'Hawkeye' Anderson a.k.a Champagne Gerry.

And so the Salute continues, but not with a heavy heart because a Memory Salute doesn't have to signify and ending or goodbye; It could just be that we need some time apart to figure things out...That sounds like a Love Song to me.

Latest Release: Megah - Hold My Hands

Ghana stand up.

Big Up, Bless Up, One Love. 

Studio is my second home; Whether I'm presenting on radio, a guest on someone else's show, watching an artist or producer at work or producing myself...The Studio for me is my Comfort Zone.” - Dissector Selector